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MakerFarm Prusa i3 8" Build Area Kit

The standard wood frame was spray painted black and all wiring was mesh sleeve covered with heat shrink plastic ends.


Prusa i3 Panel
LCD Interface + SD Memory Card Reader (PC free operation)

Prusa i3 Printer
(Note the homemade PVC pipe filament spool holder in rear)

Prusa i3 Greg's-Wade Extruder + Magma Head
Greg's Wade Extruder + .40mm Magma Hot Head

Prusa i3 Controller
RAMPS 1.4 Electronics + Marlin Firmware


This is a Prusa i3 Printing
                        Its Own Replacement Part

   RepRap Example
The sound you hear is from this printer, and is typical of X, Y, and Z axis motor driven 3D printers.

Printrbot Simple Metal 6" Build Area Kit

        Printrbot Simple Metal (stock)

This is a very easy to use 3D printer that works best at lower temperatures using PLA plastic filament.

FlashForge Creator Pro (RTR contemporary clone of the original open source Makerbot Replicator Dual-Extractor/Print Head 3D printer)

      FlashForge Creator Pro (stock)

With its fully enclosed print area; all metal print head; and heavy duty heated print table, this 3D printer is perfect for working with ABS plastic, Nylon and other filaments that have a high melting point.

This printer is capable of printing two colors and/or types of filament simultaneously and in perfect alignment.  This is an example of the results that can be achieved.

                           Two Color Globe

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